Season 4
Episode #159

Written By:
   Frank Siracusa

Directed By:
   Bruce Pitman

Guest Stars:
     - J.J. Evans
   Fainting Woman
     - Marcia Johnson
   Aaron Gobrah
     - Timm Zemanek
   Henry Goodfellow
     - Maurice Dean Wint
   Jasper Gutman
     - Maury Chaykin
   Derek Kowalski
     - Dan MacDonald
   Gerome Laferette
     - Von Coulter
   Lisa Laferette
     - Kryin Hall
   Marie Laferette
     - Alexandra Johnson
   Momma Lolla
     - Salome Bey
     - Robyn Stevan
   Voodoo Woman #1
     - Dawn Cumberbatch
   Voodoo Woman #2
     - Jacintha Tuku
   Voodoo Woman #3
     - Susan Bryant

Regular Cast:
   Thomas Dewey
   Benton Fraser
   Jack Huey
   Stanley Kowalski
   Francesca Vecchio
   Harding Welsh


Brief Synopsis

The police station finds itself cursed in more than one way when Fraser and Kowalski's prisoner, a voodoo priest, expires in lock-up. Both the body and Diefenbaker vanish, and an investigation lead the police to a Haitian community, replete with exploitation of illegal immigrants.

Detailed Overview

Fraser and Stan rescue a stranger who's running from two gunmen. While the cops and the gunmen are in a standoff, the man steals Stan's car and escapes. The gunmen turn out to be Federal agents from the Bureau of Naturalization and Immigration, who want Gerome Laferette on a charge of attempted murder. Stan wants to find Gerome to get his car back. Gerome is a respected member of the Haitian immigrant community and a priest in the Vodun religion. He's always co-operated with the Feds, then, for seemingly no reason, he led them into a trap which they barely escaped.

Fraser and Stan begin an investigation that takes them into the heart of the voodoo community in Chicago. No one wants to co-operate with the police, but Fraser finds a clue that leads them to a secret "nine night" voodoo ceremony, where they capture Gerome. Dief is completely taken with Gerome and refuses to leave his side. Shortly after his arrest, Gerome is found dead in the lock-up, and his body is taken to the morgue. Things get really strange when his body disappears. Dief is also missing. Fraser suspects Gerome used drugs or meditation techniques to suppress his vital signs. Others suspect he's become a zombie.

Mama Lolla, a voodoo practitioner, curses the police station, and all sorts of things start to go wrong. Accidents increase, the electrical system short circuits and light bulbs burst all over the building. Deciding to fight back, Francesca does a little research and collects some anti-curse paraphernalia.

Fraser and Stan visit Gerome's wife and realize his daughter is missing. Someone has kidnapped Gerome's daughter to gain a hold over him. Fraser wins Mama Lolla's trust, and she introduces him to the drumming and chanting of voodoo ceremonies. Fraser and Stan discover that an unscrupulous sweatshop owner is using voodoo to exploit illegal immigrants. Finding Gerome and rescuing his daughter becomes a combination of police work and a struggle between good and bad magic.


    Arranged by Evans Michael McLarty
    Voodoo ceremony at end.

Interesting Trivia

  • Maury Chaykin (Jasper Gutman) played the enigmatic Pike in the Season 3 episode "Spy vs. Spy." He also appeared with Paul Gross in the films Cold Comfort and Whale Music.
  • Maurice Dean Wint (Henry Goodfellow) appeared in the series from PSI Factor (fellow former cast member Paul Miller appeared in the Season 4 episode "Odds"). He was also Callum Keith Rennie's co-star in the movie Curtis's Charm.
  • The license plate RCW 139 shows up in this episode near the stripped and abandoned car that Stan fears is his prized GTO.

Original Broadcast Information

  • Australia: November 2, 1998
  • Canada: October 28, 1998
  • South Africa: June 24, 1998
  • Sweden:
  • Switzerland: June 14, 1998
  • United Kingdom:
  • United States: Week of April 20-26, 1998

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