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NOTE: This page is now frozen and I will not be adding additional scenarios to it.  If you have previously sent me a scenario to include here, I will post it, but no new scenarios can be accepted.  I’m going to be devoting large amounts of energy to my new games for HPS Simulations.  Be sure to watch for where to submit scenarios for posting as these new games are published.

Here are some add-on scenarios developed by users for the Battleground games.  Each file is a Zip file that should be downloaded by clicking on its name while holding down the Shift key.  The name of the scenario designer, linked to his e-mail address, follows the filename.  These scenarios require that you have the corresponding Battleground game already installed on your system.  Note: these scenarios are developed by users like you, downloadable for free, and are NOT supported by TalonSoft.  So how about letting these guys know you appreciate their efforts!  And be sure to check the Designers page to learn more about them.

Battleground Gettysburg - Doug Strickler  Scenarios featuring all the units from each army arriving on the first day. These are straight scenarios which can be added to the \GB subdirectory. - Doug Strickler  Additional scenarios featuring a flip flop on the positioning of the armies.  Also fixed units in some of these. - Doug Strickler  Additional Confederate forces in the form of a division from D.H. Hill’s Corps.  Note:  these scenarios require replacing the leaders.bmp and the main.oob files in the \GB subdirectory.   However faces.bmp is not modified (Optional Leader Faces feature is not supported).  Important: after installing these scenarios, you must reinstall the original BGG files before attempting a Battleground Gettysburg upgrade. - Lee Quantrell (with Cory Runyon)  Sure the North won the Battle of Gettysburg, but that’s just because ol’ Stonewall couldn’t make it.  With Jackson leading the way, there’s no way the Union could have held the high ground, right?  Important: after installing this scenario, you must reinstall the original BGG files before attempting an upgrade. (updated twice) - Douglas Hocking  The "Stonewall" at Gettysburg, July 1st-4th, 1863  206 Turns, alternate history with Gen Jackson surviving Chancellorsville to join the ANV's
summer invasion of Pennslyvania.  The ANV has a two Corps OOB under Lee, Longstreet, Jackson and Stuart; featuring superb command control and reinforcements from the dept. of NC and Richimond.  The AoP is under Meade and is reinforced by the VIII corps from the middle dept. - Pat Blackman  Create a folder in your BGG directory called <dhhcorps>.  Unzip the package into this folder.  View the readme file and follow the directions from there.  Note: If your hard drive is labeled something other than C: and or your Battleground Gettysburg game is in some directory other than C:\BGG, you will need to edit the .bat files to work with your specific configuration - Charlie Cutshall  Guns of the South:  In the spirit of Harry Turtledove's alternative history book "Guns of the South", Southern troops are equipped by time travelers with AK-47 rifles.  What would have happened at Gettysburg had this occurred?  Would Pickett's Charge still be a disaster? and if so for whom?  This one's for fun, so play this one with that in mind.  Zip your original main.pdt and main.oob files before extracting these files into your selected BGG directory.  When you are ready to go back to reality all you need to do is unzip these original files again. - Guillaume Bertrand  A scenario involving all forces from both sides arriving by the second day.  The outcome is decided purely by relative losses with the burden on the Confederate side. (version 2) - Nick Destefano  Not a scenario, but rather a monster hypothetical OB created from both BGG and BGS.  The author explains: “For troops I used Lyon's army and the Army of the Frontier from Shiloh. IV corps is actually around 17000 troops, not bad I think. The other thing I did was to change some things in the ANV. The DH Hill Corps has Samuel Jones as a divisional commander and he is in Earl van Dorn’s army so I used Dr Jones in Hills corps. Added some brigades to existing divisions I felt were understrength. Pickett and Early. Anyway just play around with this. If you want any, ANY, historical basis for this: assume the Trent affair has been blown out of proportion and England has forced Lincoln to break the blockade, thus freeing the Confederates coast of union troops and allowing the Rebs to transport troops East and North to finally take Washington.” - Claes Melbro  A very large comprehensive expansion of the Battleground Gettysburg game.  Includes a new Order of Battle and features a complete Help file documenting all of the new forces, with documentation on the new Order of Battle and new leaders.  Be sure to have a look at the Help file and give Claes some feedback on it.  You may be surprised where your suggestions eventually end up!  (Hint: have you checked out the credits to Battleground Chickamauga?) - Tom DeHoff  What if Lee had taken Longstreets's advice to go on the defensive and let the Union Army do the attacking which political pressures from Washington would have surely forced Meade to do so.  And to make it interesting, what if Longstreet tries to get around the Union army flank. - Jon Martens  Note: requires (see above).  Promotes Hancock to Army command and doesn't put Meade on the map. The Union Army has high-tailed it to Gettysburg and Lee has planned a surprise attack.   No AI scripts but suitable for PBEM. - Albert Amos  Note: this scenario goes in the MR folder.  A little cavalry battle for players to "Horse around with". - Richard Hamilton  Note: requires (see above).  In this hypothetical meeting engagement the two forces enter from opposite sides, the Rebels from the South, the Yanks from the North which leads to non-traditional battle lines forming.  Large bodies of cavalry start this one out already in place for both sides with a "no man's land" in between. Once the full forces arrive there will be approximately 121,000 Yank troops and 105,000 Rebels. This is a 150 turn scenario. There are now 3 versions of the scenario in this package. For the first, the original has been modified only slightly making about half of both cavalry forces fixed at the beginning of the scenario to be released within the hour. The second is the original release, which I am calling the unleashed version. The third one has the fixed units and variable entry for all reinforcements declining from 90% for the first round down to 40% for the last few.

Battleground Waterloo - Sergio Chirico  While there are WL scenarios in BGW with a reduced probability of a Prussian arrival, there is no standard scenario that completely eliminates that  possibility.  This scenario provides a pure Napoleon vs. Wellington fight. (with fix) - James Parmenter  Based on a comment in a Wellington biography that the Anglo-Allied dispositions might have been at La Belle Alliance rather than Mt. St. Jean.  Dallas Gavan from Australia did the Anglo-Dutch dispositions and deserves the credit.  Jim invites your Email comments, and he will gladly provide some additional details on the basis for the scenario. (Version 2) - Thomas Klimisch  What IF Wellington had placed his army at Waterloo as formerly planned? What IF Wellington had called his reserves to join the allied army? What IF Napoleon had started the battle early in the morning while the guard was ready at 12AM? Plus a second scenario shows the Prussian army at a strong defensive position on the morning of the 17th at Mont-St-Jean. There are NO other allied troops available in this scenario, so the Prussian can show if they could perform better than the British....... Unfortunately Napoleon can make full use of his complete army. This scenario will be a tough challenge for the Prussian commander in a PBEM game. - Sergio Chirico  A Waterloo What-If scenario that starts on the evening of June 17 and involves Napoleon, Grouchy, Wellington and Blucher. - Thomas Klimisch  Valley of death - The Battle of Braine-Lalleud ( 17.6.1815) featuring the - often - underrated Dutch/Belgian army against the French 1st and 2nd corps. - Charlie Cutshall  Proposes that Wellington and Blucher don't separate, but Napoleon due to the political situation  in France can't wait wait around anyway. So as a result he pushes in to Belgium.  Wellington and Blucher hearing that he is moving North move South to meet him. They run into each other at the Waterloo battle site. However all three armies are strung out in march. The will all arrive, but they do not begin deployed. - Simon Patrick  The French catch up to a retreating Anglo-Allied army at Waterloo. - Simon Patrick  The last stages of the Battle of Waterloo. (updated) - Simon Patrick and Claes Melbro  This is a very extensive scenario that will require you to make copies of your original files.  After downloading and unzipping, read the documentation files that describe how to install this.  The situation is based on the what-if that a Relief Corps formed from units from the Peninsular campaign had been formed to fight at Waterloo.  Could Wellington have won even without the help of the Prussians with these high quality troops? - Simon Patrick  Three more scenarios having to do with the veterans from the Peninsular campaign showing up as reinforcements at Waterloo (see above). - Marvin Cobb  Not a scenario, but rather an new Units.bmp that you can use to show more distinctive flags in the unit pictures. - Richard Hamilton This is a hypothetical meeting engagement between the elite forces of the three armies and their accompanying line troops. The forces are fairly evenly matched in strength, supply, and entry position. The primary objective of this scenario is to utterly destroy the enemy's force! May the best commander win! Designed for play-by-email.  Important: You must first install the files by Simon Patrick and Claes Melbro before you can play this scenario.

Battleground Shiloh - Lee Quantrell  Altered ammo levels. - Scott Udell  You’ve looked at the pictures, you’ve read the story, you thought you knew Wilson’s Creek inside and out.  Well try this scenario and think again! (with fix) - Steve Eck  How about an 1862 version of Wilson’s Creek with some extra help on the Union side!  Important: this scenario comes with a modified OB and leader files, so be sure to save or reinstall the original WC files when you want to go back to the original setup. - Simon Patrick  An 1864 version of the Wilson’s Creek battle.  Important: this scenario comes with a modified OB and parameter data file, so be sure to save or reinstall the original WC files (see install.txt after unzipping). (Updated) - Claes Melbro  Van Dorn to the rescue!  Has a modified OB and leader files, so be sure to save or reinstall the original SH files when you want to go back. - Steve Eck  PBEM only with modifed OOB leader and faces files.  Each player reads only the orders for the side they play. (updated) - Robert Nowak  An alternate full battle of Shiloh. It has double the ammo, Sherman and Prentiss' Div unfixed, quicker release times for the other Union Divs and quicker reinforcement for the Union. - Charles “Chuck” Stembridge  Entrenching the army really slows down Johnston's attack, and bringing in Lew Wallace on the Reb's flank really disrupts the Reb's attack. - Raymond White Jr.  This scenario supposes Rebel recruiters have done a superb job obtaining men for the Southern army and that the Yankees took scouting reports to heart and pulled back to more defensible positions.  As such the morning of 6 April found the Confederates in possession of most of the area around Pittsburgh Landing and both sides rested.

Battleground Antietam - Doug Strickler  The armies that fought at Gettysburg (after casualties, etc. are deducted) meet at Antietem on the way south. Variants for D.H.Hill being present and the Union VIII Corps/Department of the Middle (VIII Corps trying to hold on for the main army is a favorite of the designer). Several modifications here: the file after.not (plain ASCII text file) describes the development and modifications necessary.  Also requires Units.bmp from BGG.  Important: after installing these scenarios, you must reinstall the original BGN files before attempting a Battleground Antietam upgrade. - Charlie Cutshall  Assumes that Hill marched in the night before and is present  on the field though not entrenched. - Charlie Cutshall  Assumes Lee learns of McClellan’s aggressive moves  earlier and decides to block him at South Mountain, using the defensive terrain there. The battle is now two days with Hill arriving on day 2. - Mark Sterner  If you’ve played the historical Antietam battle, you know that the first thing that happens is the Union I Corps attacks the hapless Confederates on Nicodemus Hill.  If you want something with a different emphasis, try out this variation of the historical battle. (Updated) - Richard Hamilton  "Supply Problems". In early 1862, a Union supply trian from the AOP I Corps with a cavalry escort was ambushed by Confederate cavalry and elements of Longstreet's I Corps in southern Maryland. The forces are about even in strength. Can you, as the Union commander beat your way through the Rebel force and get the supplies through? Or as the Southern commander, can you capture all the Union wagons and send the supporting troops running? This scenario has some A/I scripts, but I designed it for play-by-email. - Richard Hamilton Suppose They Gave a War and Everyone Came - This scenario is a varient of Loose Cannons. I am not sure of the original author of this but I have made some modifications to his setup. The Rebel army is present in full, and placed to provide good support for the existing defenses. They also have more artillery ammo available. This should be a more even fight than the original loose cannons

Napoleon In Russia - William Peters  A variant of Kutusov Turns to Fight with the rest of the Middle Guard, V Corps, IV Corps being present. The Russians get the First Corps at 1pm in staggered groups. - Sergio Chirico  A variant of scenario number 11 (Prèvanant) with reinforcements on both sides. (with fix) - Charlie Cutshall  The basic historical battle of Borodino, except now the Old Guard activates about the same time as Napoleon. - Charlie Cutshall  The infamous crossing of the Berezina using the Borodino map with the Kolocha River as the Berezina and Gorki as Studienka. - Darren Knorr  A scenario for the gr module.  A slight modification of the "Final Assault", featuring no fixed units, and Russain unit relocation to provide opening protection from French Cavarly charges into the Redoubt on the 1st turn, all of which add to the playbalance of this short but exciting area of the battlefield. - William Peters  Has earlier times for release for some French units, adds some missing formations and generally makes it harder for the Russians to win. (updated) - William Peters The Cav Clash! All of the Allied and French cav fight over the all important Utitsa mound! Every cav unit in the game and horse batteries too but don’t bring your skirmishers to this one!  Not a single infantry unit in the mix! - Ray White  This is a scenario in which both Armies have significantly increased strength, the French are heavy with cavalry, the Russians ranks have been increased by significant numbers of foot soldiers, and the dual goal for Napoleon is not only destruction of the Russian Army but also capture of Russian supplies. - Greg Gorsuch  An enhanced Units.bmp for Napoleon in Russia including some Austrians, plus a modified Main.oob.

Battleground Bull Run (Third Bull Run) Doug Strickler  The armies that are to fight at Gettysburg clash on the old Bull Run field on the way north.  Uses the FBR module subdirectory.  Option for skirmishers - text file describes it all.  Requires some modifications.  You need files from BGG for these scenarios.  Important: after installing these scenarios, you must reinstall the original BGBR files before attempting a Battleground Bull Run upgrade. - Lee Quantrell (from Cory Runyon)  Brings in another division and another Brigade. - Lee Quantrell (from Bill Peters)  Altered Objectives and Ammo Levels. - Charlie Cutshall  Increased Union strength by an additional 3 divisions and upped artillery supply for both sides. - Jim Durney  A Second Bull Run what-if involving Jackson and the Union I Corps. - Claes Melbro  While using the First Bull Run map, this is a Second Bull Run scenario that adds additional units to both sides.  Be sure to read the installation instructions for this package as it modifies original files. - Jon Martens  A Second Bull Run what-if.  It is in 1863.  The Rebs have the entire army on the field, but are fixed except 2 divisions.  The Union starts with I Corps where Jackson was at 2nd Bull Run (on the unfinished railroad).  And reinforcements arrive quickly.  After all arrive the Union has around 100,000 men. - Jon Martens  You must have the files: "leaders" and "faces" from Antietam as well as the OOB from Antietam.  In this Scenerio, Davis had Lee stay in Virginia. McClellan is more determined than ever to crush Lee.  Lee chose the 2nd Bull Run Battlefield to make his stand!! (updated) - Christian Olander  Four War of 1812 Scenarios using Bull Run map.  Based upon the assumption that the British decided to hold Washington DC and launch attacks into the US.  The British receive further re-inforcements from Britain and Canada and the Americans concentrate their three armies and the state militias south of Washington DC.
Includes scenario and historical backgrounds. - Robert Nowak  Doubles the artillery ammo and uses all units from both Armies. Hampton guards Jackson's right with Early and Forno back with their Divisions.  The question is, will Little Mac arrive to help Pope?

Prelude To Waterloo - James Parameter  Ligny: Gin, Garlic and Gneisenau.  It's supposed to be close to the historical situation at about 2:30 PM with a little twist with the cavalry. And one
ghost from just down the road! (with fix) - Charlie Cutshall  Starts the battle in the morning and extends it to two days.  Using maps of the initial allied dispositions I have kept Wellington from being "humbugged" on his day's march and he has been able to bring his army in much more quickly. So he has a considerable force present on the field.  Blucher has managed to bring the IV Korps into play though they are still strung out on the road they marched in on.  All sides are activated, additional British troops arrive throughout the day. There will be no Waterloo. It happens right here. - Greg Edmand  Two scenarios.  These include fixes to the original “Unleashed” scenarios, scenario length extension, and other changes to improve play balance. (modified twice) - Greg Gorsuch  Inspired by the Units.bmp for BGW (see above), this is an enhanced Units.bmp for PTW.  NOTE: this also includes a modified main.oob to associate units with new unit pictures.  You should save your existing main.oob file before installing this package. - Thomas Klimisch  The "ultimate multiplayer game" for all those "napmaniacs".  Together with this scenario (which must be placed in the PTW/TB folder ) comes an English and a German "readme" file that makes the gamers familiar with new game aspects and rules enclosed in this scenario (Army morale  and communication for example)... and there is a dramatic introduction to set the mood. - Greg Edmand  Two new scenarios for Prelude To Waterloo. (modified) - John Egan  It has a centrally located Imperial Garde and a 12 Noon start for the French with random early arrivals for the Brits. - Claes Melbro A new package with expansion troops to PTW. British, French and Prussians gets all new Corps. All new units have been carefully selected with historical background. Three scenarios including most of these. You will need the NEW updated SMFLAGS (unit.bmp) from Greg Gorsuch (see above). Be sure to copy standard files, BUT these new files should work with all old scenarios like several similar packages from me. Be sure to read the Helpfile with lots of info and data. EXTRA OOBs to make the unit.bmp from Greg work with Waterloo. - Douglas Hocking  Bastille Day!, July 14 & 15, 1815 164 Turns, is one possible situation that could have developed on the Belgian Frontier between Napoleon and the Allies. The alternate history of this scenario is based from a assumption that the Austrians take a more neutral stance in the 'coalition' against Napoleon.  Thus Napoleon takes full advantage
Austrian 'neutrality' and recalls Suchet and the Army of the Rhine from the Austrian Frontier to support his coming Northern Operations. But during the delay the Allies too make good use of their time with preparations for their planned operations. The opening of which has been
delayed again and again. The scenario includes Suchet and the French V and VII Corps, von Kleist and the North German Ally Korps, and for Wellington newly arriving troops back from North America. The Allied armies eventually number some 292,000 men with 127,000 men on the field initially; they face the initial French deployment of 98,000 men which rapidly is reinforced to 171,000 men.

Battleground Chickamauga - Nick Destefano  Allows you to fight the Battle of the Wilderness on the Chickamauga map.  Note: unzip this into your ch subdirectory, but note that it will overwrite your leaders.bmp file.  Rename wdmain.oob as main.oob and move units.bmp into your main BGC folder.  Remember: you will need to copy your original BGC files main.oob, leaders.bmp, and units.bmp from your CD when you want to restore the original BGC structure. - Steve Eck  A scenario specifically designed to be played PBEM multiplayer.  Before playing, review the text file enclosed in the zip file for instructions on how to setup and play this scenario.

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