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     Welcome to my home page! Genealogy is my passion, so I developed this page to document my paternal ancestors. They were a varied lot, from early Puritan settlers of New England and New Jersey to "dyed in the wool" Southern pioneers.  There are even some of those dastardly carpetbaggers :-)  Please explore the links and make yourself at home!

Puritans, the New Haven Colony, New Jersey and the Frontier

     I've woven links into the narrative below but in case you want to cut to the chase I've extracted the links here:

New Haven Colony
Jasper Crane, founder of Newark NJ and my 8th great grandfather
Robert Treat, Governor of Connecticutt, founder of Newark, NJ and my 8th great
Newark, NJ history and genealogy
Westfield, NJ history and genealogy
Miami Valley region of Southwest Ohio
Fountain County, Indiana.
Summertown, Lawrence County, Tennessee
Surnames I'm researching

      My ancestors were some of the original settlers of the New Haven Colony (ca. 1638).  The New Haven Colony  was a theocracy,.meaning that citizens were required to be members of the church in order to participate in the government.   The area encompassed by the Colony included included land west to Stamford, east to Guilford, and south to Long Island.  My ancestors were from primarily Branford and Milford, CT and  Southampton, Long Island.  The colony was disbanded by the King in 1665 and merged with the Connecticutt colony.
        With the abolishment of the New Haven Colony, the Puritan residents feared their way of life would be lost.  In 1665 they set out to settle the frontier in New Jersey.  My 8th great grandfathers Jasper Crane and Robert Treat led the settlement at Newark.   Others settled in Elizabethtown (now Elizabeth), NJ.  See my database for a complete list of my early New Jersey families.  While most of these families were from the New Haven Colony others were from the Massachusetts colony locales of Newbury, Salem, Plymouth.  Families from Massachusetts (including Tappans, Kents, Bloomfields, and Dunhams) established Woodbridge, NJ.  By the 1700s, most of my New Jersey ancestors had settled in Westfield, NJ.
       My 4th great grandparents (Jonathan Crane, Keziah Tappan, Esther Baldwin, and Cyrus Osborn)continued their westward expansion in the 1790s, traveling overland and via Ohio river flatboat to the Miami Valley region of Southwest Ohio.  In the 1820's they established themselves in Fountain County, Indiana.  Their grandson  Jonathan Osborn (my great great grandfather) "carpetbagged" to Summertown, Lawrence County, Tennessee after the Civil War.  His daughter Margaret married Edgar Washburn, who had moved with his parents from Michigan to Tennessee.  You can read more about the Washburn family here.

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My "Puritan" database contains 61 surnames and 181 individuals, most of which are in my direct line.  I have information not yet entered into my database on many collateral lines so feel fee to contact me if you see some surnames of interest.

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