In mid-2005, the original Atari Force stumbled upon the Malaglon in a parallel universe. They controlled several solar systems, enslaving the local populations. ATARI decided to "put an end to their reign of terror," so the Liberator series of multiverse ships were created. Each ship had four remote controlled fighters that are the primary offensive weapons. Six months after their discovery, the 11th Liberator pilot, Bob Marcus, finally fought his way to the Malaglon master base and destroyed it (AF1.04).

Atari Inc. created a simulator of the Liberator in 1982. (Don't try to reconcile the time paradox.) It's often likened to "a reverse Missile Command." The center of the screen has a rotating planet with bases on it that shoot at the players ships. In each corner is one of the player's fighters. The player controls a cursor with a trackball to shoot. The primary objective is to destroy the bases. There is also a shield button to protect your fighters when enemy missiles get too close. All fighters share the sheild, which can take four hits.

This simulator (masquerading as an arcade game) was not widely distributed. In fact, it seems only 762 units were manufactured (and cost $2095 each). However, thanks to the wonders of emulation technology, you can play this game on your computer with a program called MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator). You'll need the ROM images for Liberator in order to do so. Since it is a violation of copyright law to have such ROM images without owning the actual board from the machine, I will not distribute them. Any requests for them will be ignored.

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