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The following engineering status meeting notes are courtesy Atari Coin-Op (Company-Confidential) Documents by Andy Welburn. Visit his site to see scans of the original documents. They contain complete pages of notes, from which I have extracted just the Liberator portions.

C. Downend is Chris A. Downend, who was apparently a manager at Atari Coin-Op Engineering since his signature is on one of the minutes. Also, note that a cocktail model of Liberator is mentioned. To the best of my knowledge, none were ever produced.

Status Meeting Minutes
[?] May 1982

LIBERATOR (EIRE) - On schedule for release 7/27. One built and waiting for cabinet.

Status Meeting Minutes
25 June 1982

LIBERATOR-C. Downend Upright Prod Rel: 8/17/82
Cabaret (19") Marketing Review:  7/1/82
Cocktail (14") Marketing Review:  7/29/82
European Upright (19") Marketing Review:  6/28/82
Everything is Pre-Prod Released except PCB Assembly Drawing, P/L, Schematic and Memory Masters - all expected 6/25. (Pre-Prod Build scheduled for 7/14 - PCB's) Meeting on 6/24 resulted in decision to stay with existing Upright Cabinet Design. Field test continues.

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