What You See Going Up Govenors

The following set of photos reveal that the large white mailbox is the first part of our property that can be seen coming up Govenors drive:

The other alternatives are the tree obscured power pole to the right, the light pole to the left, and the gate poles. The gate poles have the advantage of being on our property whereas the others are not ours and we would need permission to use them.

What You See Coming Down Govenors

Coming down Govenors drive, the light pole, power pole, and the white mailbox are the most easily recognized features:

You'll notice the gate is completely obscured by the trees.

The Mailbox

The mailbox measures 24" wide and 16" high. Any additions made to the mailbox such as a flag or additional signage, should be about the same dimensions:

There are several approachs and the following link discusses the mailbox enhancements. As we discuss the alternatives, we can add links to this web page.