Wonderful Dinner

Serving registered Angus beef, Holly had the blackened, filet and I had their porterhouse. Grilled over a hot-hickory pit, it was flavored so perfectly that nothing else was needed. Next time, we'll avoid the Cajun spices that are used to blackened the meat. The steamed vegetables were fresh and crisp. Along with a nice bottle of wine, it was a wonderful meal:

Unlike traditional, open-seating, the building has dining rooms and servers with personality. It felt like being a guest eating at someone's home.

At $108, it was expensive in part because we didn't need the appetizer and salads which cost extra. Also, we didn't share one entree, something we do to avoid doggie bags. Still, the leftovers were great the next day and the neighbor's dogs loved the bone.

They gave us a tour of the place and Holly had a photo taken here: