Making the Wrong Argument

On a day that celibrates the end of WW I, Veterian's Day, Cal Thomas argues we need more guns and shares the same page with another senseless killing. On November 11, 1999, Cal Thomas argues that handguns fight crime, "Fewer Guns, more crime" (The Huntsville Times, Vol. 90, No. 234, pp. B5.) On the same page, Jay Reeves reports that a Mrs. Shirley Henson of Birmingham Alabama, a dog trainer, shot and killed Mrs. Foster, mother of three, over a rude driving incident. The latest in defensive gun use, Mrs. Henson's lawyer argues she defended herself by stopping on the shoulder behind Mrs. Foster, rolling down her window and shooting the enraged but spittle armed Mrs. Foster.

Cal Thomas continues to ignore the deadly combination of unskilled, undisciplined, civilians killing others for trivial reasons simply because they have a handgun. Mrs. Henson's husband and brother armed her well but not with the knowledge that rudness is not a capital offense and her church that you don't have to confront every insult.

Someday, it would be nice to celibrate a day, like Veteran's Day, that remembers those killed by handguns. Sensible legislation making handgun ownership part of a "regulated militia" should be enacted on November 11 so the veterians of gun violence would also have a day to celibrate.