"Problem solver of intermittent and performance problems in computers and networks."
Robert J. Wilson            (703)319-8935 (H)           Age: 49, Married
9011 Randall Rd.            (202)358-2186 (W)           Health: Good
Huntsville, AL 35802-2923   (256)881-6574 (HSV)

SAIC, 409 3d St. SW, Suite 330, Washington, DC 20024 (1996-Current)
At NASA HQ, I manage the Network Operations Center with five direct reports responsible for network security, monitoring, problem resolution, and network expansion. My team reciently deployed a fully redundant, Gbit backbone and will be handling deployment of 100 mbs to the desktop. I also established an inhouse training program that has already resulted in two CCNAs and includes network engineering and development skills.

Previous assignments included network engineering and running the integration and test lab. I led the effort to replace the shared hub infrastructure with Cisco switches saving $250k. In the integration and test lab, I helped diagnosis of problems in new systems and hardware before deployment of Windows 95, MacOS 8.6, and numerous applications.

BJ ASSOCIATES, Inc., 9011 Randall Rd. Huntsville, AL 35802, (205)881-6574 (1995-1996)

My home business supported small businesses in Huntsville with networking and ISO-9000 support.

BOEING COMPUTER SUPPORT SERVICES, 9238 Hw. 20 W, Bld. 2, Suite 900, Madison, AL 35758, (205)461-6823 (1990-Current)

I designed and built an enterprise monitor system for SGI system and FDDI network performance monitoring at Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) using and expanding upon the SNMP monitor, SPECTRUM.

I operated and diagnosed network problems as part of the MSFC Network Management Center. These problems covered the ISO model from physical layer problems in dial-up lines, localtalk, ethernet, FDDI, and wide-area network interfaces, X25, T1, and T3 through data, network, and application protocols spanning TCP/IP, DECNet, LAT, IPX, and Appletalk networks. I also managed the TCP/IP Domain Name Servers, the OSI Domain Name Server, the SNMP-to-VMS mail gateway, Appletalk Remote Access dial-up systems, and was the Ultrix system manager.

This work involved using network and line analyzers, DEC Polycenter (SNMP monitor), as well as developing a system to diagnose intermittent and performance problems. This system used a custom built, high-speed device driver I wrote let us record all network traffic to 8 mm tape which also provided realtime problem diagnosis.

On a temporary assignment, I developed C programs to move IBM Nomad databases to a Sun based Oracle database. To shorten schedule, the same C programs ran on Apple PowerBook, DEC Alpha, and Sun Sparc systems and were delivered with a User's Guide.

As a VAX/VMS system programmer, I managed systems running ALLIN1, Pathworks for Macintosh, TCP/IP name servers, and the SNMP-to-VMS gateway. I supported problem diagnosis and maintenance for 150 VAX/VMS systems located in different labs at the center. To support these widely distributed systems, I write BOOTSCAN, a boot-time diagnostic utility that mails a synopsis of the error log and crash-dumps to identify failures and help in trend analysis.

GENERAL ELECTRIC - SPACE DIVISION, 110 Wynn Drive, Huntsville, AL 35802, (205)837-7701 (1978-1990)

As software architect for the Navy Consolidated Automated Support System (CASS), my duties spanned prototype, proposal, design, implementation, integration, and test of the first systems. Responsibilities ranged from designer and developer through team supervisor and software hiring manager for a project that developed over 500,000 lines of code. Among many technical and leadership services, I made sure we could extract the MIL-STD 2167 documentation from the code comments, established automated software configuration management systems, and specified cost-effective software quality standards.

I designed, implemented, sold, and supported a high-resolution, low-overhead, CPU sampling monitor for VAX/VMS systems, PROFILE. I also developed hardware monitoring techniques to tune VAX/VMS systems and gave performance monitoring seminars at DECUS symposia.

On the NASA Landsat program, I supervised a team of system programmers for the ground station, VAX 11/780s, DEC-20s, and PDP-11s. Duties included bug fixes, performance tuning, VMS driver development, system programmer training, and supervision. I developed techniques to reduce VMS driver inter-I/O delays from 1-4 milliseconds to 200-275 microseconds.

Other activities included organization of a "quality circle," development of in-house training courses, a VAX-to-SEL Kermit, management of a VAX cluster, and many papers and articles. Classified work required an extended background investigation.

COMPUTER NETWORK CORP, 5185 MacArthur Blvd., Washington, DC (202)537-2500 (1975-1978)

I was part of a system programming team supporting IBM mainframes, 370/168 through 360/65s, with problem diagnosis, system tuning, operating system maintenance, and extensions. This included adding an ALLOCATE command to a proprietary, time-sharing system, ALPHA, and diagnosis of a latent design problem in IBM I/O channels. I was awarded a weekend in Florida for excellence.


I received an honorable discharge after four years and had a top secret clearance. Duties included programming and operations and I earned several awards for problem diagnosis and an accelerated bootstrap process. This process cut bootstrap time of an OCR scanner by replacing 15 minutes used to read two paper tapes to 1 minute using a modified, OS magnetic tape reading a core-image block written before the tape reflector strip.

Network and Computer Systems:

Wellfleet Bridging Routers; TCP/IP; DECnet; LAT; Novell IPX; LAVC; Appletalk; Cisco Routers; Netrix-X25; NET-T1; T3; DEC Microbridge-DECnet; UB Access Ones-Net Director (10BaseT); DECstation 5000-ULTRIX; DEC Polycenter (SNMP); Macintosh PowerBook-Systems; ARA; VARIAN 620-TOS; Network General Sniffer; MicroVAXes; VAXstations; VAX 6410-VMS; Pathworks; ALLIN1; DECnet; LAT; Clusters; DEC 20; PDP 11s; PDP 8-TOPS-20; RSX; OS-8; IBM 360/370s-MVT; HASP; MVS/JES; HP Network Analyzer; HP64000 In-Ciruit Emulator; designed and built interface circuits; assembler; C; FORTRAN; SQL; and other languages.

Awards and Commendations:

Transciever Break-Out Tap (NASA, Boeing 1995); Silver Snoopy Award (NASA, 1991); Eagle (BCSS 1990); Professional Recognition Award (GE 1987, 1984); Refereed Paper, 1st Place (DECUS 1987); General Manager's Award (GE 1986); Productivity Award (NASA 1985); Competitive Edge Award (GE 1981); Beneficial Suggestion Award (USMC 1974); Meritorious Mast (USMC 1972); Meritorious promotion (USMC 1971); President's Scholarship (Okla. State U. 1968); National Merit Society Commendation (1968).


High-Speed Ethernet Capture, DECUS paper, December 1992; KERMITing Binary Files, "DEC Professional," Vol. 6, No. 1, January 1987; Low Cost DECnet Adapter, "VAX The Professional," Vol. 8, No. 1, February 1986; VAX Interupt Response Time and Other Myths, "The DEC Professional," Vol. 4, No. 11, Nov. 1985; MACVAX Connection, DECUS Proceedings, Spring 1985; My Mac and My VAX, "Washington Apple Pi," Vol. 7, No. 1, January 1985; Speed-Up Your 730 Bootstrap, "The DEC Professional," Vol. 3, No. 4, July 1984; VAX/VMS User's Performance Monitoring, DECUS Proceedings, Vol. 8, No. 2, Dec. 1981.


PROFILE, 1983.


Square dancing and fishing.