Some of the most interesting signals are inputs to and outputs of the Prius hybrid vehicle ECU. This includes the signals that operate the inverter for both MG1 and MG2 as well as the operator speed controls. The problem has been, how to tap them:

Recently, we purchased a complete Prius Classic hybrid vehicle ECU with all five, pig-tailed connectors.

The original board is conformal coated and most of the parts have a Toyota logo. It is difficult to read the part numbers and we don't have data sheets so they will be left on the board. Only the female connectors will be removed:

If someone is interested in analyzing the board later, we'd be happy to send it provided we get a copy of the report.

For a breakout unit, the most important parts are:

After getting all of the dimensions, an interface mother board with jumpers will be built with the pig-tails and connectors. At least one single board computer will be colocated to monitor and/or process some of the signals of interest. The design will be optimized to support a modular, experimental approach to intercepting the hybrid vehicle sensors and control signals.

Drawings For ECU Breakout