Version 01.00, Oct. 21, 2005


The purchase price was $17,300 via a "Buy it now" option on E-bay. A 2003 Prius with 49,394 miles, it was priced roughly between the wholesale and retail NADA blue book value . . . there was no reason to waste time dickering about small change.

After a quick call, J. D. Miller, the salesman, explained that Texas will give an out of state purchaser temporary tags which meant we could pick it up. He also said they'd work with my banker, Redstone Federal Credit Union, to complete the sale. He also recommended which airports to fly to and volunteered to fetch us.

Redstone Federal Credit Union offered a fixed, 5%, 60-month loan. Because the car was coming from a dealer who could handle the vehicle inspection and purchase paperwork, Miki, the Redstone loan officer, had no problems with the deal. After the Ebay purchase and making a $1,000 deposit, the seller faxed a purchase order and the financial folks worked out the details. Miki prepared a complete package, we signed the papers and flew out to pickup the car.

J. D. picked me up at the airport, we inspected the car (looked great) and we completed the sale and went to lunch ("chicken fried steak").

Afterwards, I topped off the tank and started driving home to Huntsville.