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Last Update: April 21, 1995

Dancing A1/A2 in Huntsville, we meet Wednesday evenings from 7:00-9:00 PM. A gregarious group, we dance a lot at every opportunity and level.

Gene Tidwell, Caller
Rt. 5, Box 176
Locust Shores
Tuscumbia, AL 35674

Advancing to new levels of dance.

Trinity Methodist
Airport Rd.
Huntsville, AL

Some shots from a typical dance: Gene calls the steps , dancers ,

The Caller Keeps Us Straight

Relaxed with the confidence of a life-time of calling, Gene keeps us going through the paces.


Advanced adds single-axis, symetrical maneuvers. This means that down a given axis, each half of the square is doing a rotated mirror image of the other side (i.e., checkmate the column, cast a shadow, transfer the column).
Four ladies facing is unusual, even for advanced.

Right roll, hope they'll be there!

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