Fuji Finepix 4700 Moon Shoot Experiments

I tried three photos to see if I could get good moon shots over Alabama. The previous night's experiment, at midnight, showed the moon to be too bright which washed out the details, the craters.

Shooting at dusk was better but not perfect. The moon does light enough pixels that the shape of the craters can be identified but I need some way to trick the camera into thinking the night is lighter than it really is.

First Experiment

These are the enhanced moon image and the original shot which has been shrunk by 25% from the original image:

Second Experiment

This experiment uses a circular image mask and avoiding the "Instant Fix" from the Adobe Photoshop. However, I'm still not satisfied with the image contrast needed to identify the craters.

Third Experiment

For this last experiment, I tried using the flash with a large object in the foreground to fool the camera into making a faster snapshot.