From: Jeff Martin 
Subject: Re: More Bad Advertising
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2000 15:32:07 -0600

Ron Hammon wrote:

> I got a kick out of the results of the Propecia (sp?) commercial where
> the (thinly disguised), rare side-effect is... erectile dysfunction. As
> you say, they are required by law to mention the side effcts.  I hear
> that they spent 9 million dollars on advertising and sold just over one
> million dollars worthof product.
> Some side-effects are more chilling than others.
> --
> Ron Hammon (remove the "3", if present, from my address to respond)

So you could make some money selling a package deal... Propecia and
Viagra!  Unless of course Viagra causes hair loss...


Never combine drugs except under a physician's guidance: