I needed someway to trailer a Viking Dragonfly 600 miles from Canton OH to Huntsville AL. After looking at all the options, I decided a modified pontoon boat trailer was the optimum solution.


After extensive searching for used and new pontoon boat trailers and checking with local trailer builders, I had a 24 ft. pontoon boat trailer built for $1,699. But it needed some modifications.

I put 20 ft., 2x8 pressure treated board between the angled, carpet covered boards. This involved adding 4 ft. extensions to 16 ft. boards and shims to keep the boards from flying off:

I also added aluminum ramps, carried as separate pieces, but they were only used when turning the trailer around on the lawn.


We had three potential tow vehicles:

Trip Up

Done in one day, the Prius got 38 MPG at 62-63 mph towing the empty trailer. Clear and dry, there was no problem:

Transporting Dragonfly

This took two days through a cold, 45F, windy, rainy, wet pavement drive getting 28 MPG at 53-54 mph. Handling worked just fine and I only saw the traction control light flash once. Also, when slowly passing an accident site, I was motioned to stop and the ABS brakes worked perfectly.

We wrapped the plane in food plastic but the wind and rain pretty well ripped it off. Still, we didn't have to affix the duct tape to the plane but the plastic wrap and it held there:

The cross pieces and places under the wing and canard were padded with pink insulation foam, 1/4", held by duct tape. The firewall and canard opening also had pink foam sheets, broken to fit and held by duct tape. This seemed to be an ideal, padding solution as it is cheap, easily folded and torn to make custom sheet shapes as needed.

We kept the plane on a trailer for a week before two friends helped unload it into the rented, 10' x 10' x 30' storage shed. We did drain over a gallon of water from the fuselage and the rest was picked up using towels:

Our 2003 Prius can also tote it around town:

There was some road rash on the wing end, on the outside carpeted boards. The canard showed some evidence of a rock/pebble impact 'splattering' two places in the paint. There was no other evidence of trip wear.