Jan 7, V0.1

Use "Request IP" to reserve an IP address or scroll to "Status/Modify/Release" for IP changes. Additional data can be entered in the "Comment" field at the end.

Request IP

Name phone
NEMS (alt. SN) location
Primary OS Appletalk IPX DECnet
TCP/IP stack (if known): MacTCP Open Transport Chameleon Trumpet Windows 3.1 Windows 95 Windows NT

Subnet and optional password (needed for other LANs); submit domain name request .hq.nasa.gov (optional).

IP requests are normally made by any node already on that segment. However, the support staff have passwords to manage IP addresses on other segments. All requests are logged.


(enter IP address)
Pick one: Status Modify Release

The "Status" returns what is known about the specified IP address. "Modify" changes the IP fields and "Release" allows the IP address to be reassigned. To modify or release an IP address, the requester must be on the subnet of the IP address or enter a valid password. Changes are logged and a notification sent to the NOC.

Enter additional comments:

NASA Headquarters, Network Operations Center, Network Engineering