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Located between Midway and Arab Alabama, Brindlee Mountain dances (and maintains) the Midway Community Center, a former county school that features a raised, wood floor. Caller "Diamond" Jim Young and associate caller, Wayne Mahathey, keep the club hopping with hot-hash, plus, and "Diamond" Jim specials. Wayne also calls Thursday nights at Shindiggers in Madison.

Jim and his wife, Paula.

Brindlee Mountain dances Friday nights, 7:30-10:00 PM. From Huntsville, drive south, over the Tenneesse river bridge, up Brindlee mountain, through Midway, and down the first big hollow. Take a left at the white fence just opposite Walker's Bar-B-Que (a tastee place to eat). It takes about 30 minutes from Haysland Square in Huntsville. Visitors are advised to ask about the "Diamond" Jim specials.

We dance hot and happy and then thank everyone for their company:

Monthly Food Night

Dancing burns a lot of calories and Brindlee makes a point of having atleast one "finger food" night each month. Homemade salsas, meatballs, sandwitch quarters, and pies, we enjoy sharing food and fun.

Class Graduation

This year, we graduated our class early due to their rapid progress and skills. As part of our celibrations, they gratefully acknowledged our callers' teaching skills. Actually, Western style square dancing is a wonderful activity for those who like colaborative sports.

We also enjoyed an number of skits. This one is called "Paula's Candy Shop" and it a another wonderful time of fellowship and joy. If you haven't guessed, giggling and laughter are an important part of square dancing.

Breaks and Line Dancing

Between tips, we rest and catch-up on our lives.

Line dancing is popular between tips and appeals to all age groups.

Brindlee Members

Some of our members:

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