Lotto Ticket Doorprize

You may have heard that someone won the D.C. Lotto. A careful check of the doorprize ticket numbers indicates our group missed out. The closest ticket had two matching numbers and three are required to win anything.
This was a wonderful, 50th birthday party and I appreciate everyone who was able to come. I especially appreciate the timely donations to:

Hope Place of $170

Thanks to the generosity of the following, we raised $170 for Hope Place and delivered a big bag of toys:

Unfortunately, Dan's head obscured T.J. Higgins so Dan ducked (after a comment about his head size):

Holly and I went over to Hope Place afterwards but by accident, went to their facility where she had worked, not the office (opps). After some apprehension by the staff, they were surprised and suspicious of these "strangers," they opened the card, counted the money and when I said, "This is from the folks who signed the card and I don't need a receipt" they realized we were mostly harmless. Once they realized what was happening, everyone smiled and relaxed, and Holly and I quickly left. They will put these gifts to good use.

Thank YOU -- everyone!

Bob Wilson's 50th birthday party and hsv.general gathering.