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Last Update: Mar. 17, 1995

Dancing C1 in Huntsville, we meet Sunday afternoons from 3:00-5:00 PM. Call first, we frequently cancel when schedules conflict with weekend regional dances. One thing about our folks, we dance a lot at every opportunity and level.

Marshal Spinner, Caller
P.O. Box 533
Madison, AL 35758

Seek a challenge.

Trinity Presbyterian
4315 Holmes Ave
In UAH athletic field

Some shots from Sunday: Marshal keeps us straight , dancers , snacks , and caller's wife .

Caller Keeps Us Straight

Eagle-eyed Marshal keeps us straight as we try to master C1.


Although Challenge introduces new structures, interlocking diamonds, "O", butterfly, and interlocking squares, it is built on the basics. We have autonomous maneuvers where the interweaving dancers suddenly resolve into regular formations. In many calls, half of the square is doing one thing and the others something else yet together we pass-by, through, and curtesy turn into formation.


What is square dancing without snacks?

Caller's Wife

Dot, Marshal's wife, hams it up with the web page author, Bob Wilson.
Rotary Spinners

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