Nina Donath, T.J. Higgins, Bob Wilson, Dianne Ferrans

Louise Bennett, Robin Kelso, Eric Kelso, Beth Sornsin

Visiting her family and friends, Beth Sornsin joined a bunch of 'hsv.generals' at Edo's on Friday. Wonderfully bright, Beth knew to bribe the guys with beer. . . A good time by all, the only flame was addressed to "Best Buy" which apparently isn't . . . Robin will post the details soon. Louise has been doing some well appreciated spiritual duties. Bob geeked out again and Nina thinks she is going to unlurk. T.J. and Bob are really, really, happy Beth came bringing gifts. Eric the Wise enjoyed the fine sushi and Dianne graced our presence as net goddess in chief.

Merry Christmas . . . Happy New Year . . . Happy Hannaka . . . Salom Ramadam

Bob Wilson, December 22, 2000