(Last update: Mar. 3, 2002)


    Being neither rocket scientist nor doctor, I am not qualified to offer any advice regarding medical care. However, I have followed for some 14 years those involved in the alternative medicine movement and have been collecting some interesting links, which are below:

Dr. Len Horowitz: I met Dr. Horowitz at a meeting in DC one Labor Day a few years ago, having read some of his materials before that meeting. Len has become more visible since and I suggest that you visit his site and order some of his books.

Arthritis: This is one of the disease types in which Dr. Perez Garcia specializes; this site also offers information about other diseases and their treatment.

The World-Wide Blood Protein Research Society:  Dr. C.S. West is a chemist and lymphologist with some interesting findings regarding his specialty. Visit his site and download two of his reports.

Oxygen Therapies:  Ed McCabe has done lots of work regarding oxygen therapies and this site is full of reports regarding this treatment.

The Cancer Cure That Worked: Royal Rife built a machine back in the thirties which cured cancer. Read about Rife's work at this site.

Dr. Lorraine Day: Dr. Day has her site devoted to discussions and explanations regarding alternatives.

International Advocates for Health Freedom: The founder of IAHF, John Hammell, has a war going against the FDA; read about it at his site, along with information regarding alternatives.

Holistic medicine: This site has lots of files regarding alternatives.

Dr. Sukel on flouride: This and an additional site offer information about the harms of flouride. See also this Nexus Magazine article.

Vaccines info: This site addresses the dangers of vaccines and contains a great links page to alternative medicine sites.

National Vaccine Information Center: A site devoted to informing you of the hazards of vaccines.

Dorway: This site has lots of info about Aspartame.

Not Milk: Robert Cohen,  author of  "MILK - The Deadly Poison" and Executive Director, Dairy Education Board, has this site.