The Net is a fantastic place to find important historical works regarding the law and government, and those which get posted grow daily. Here are some places which post such works and I highly recommend your visit to these sites for a study of the documents and books posted there:

        I. Pre-Revolutionary:

1. Medieval Law: If you wish to learn more about very old law, visit this site.

2. Henry Sumner Maine's Ancient Law: Mr. Maine wrote many important works and this is one of them.

3. Frederic Bastiat's The Law: If you have not read this book, you should.

4. John Stuart Mill's Essay on Liberty: This work should be read by the serious student of liberty.

5. The American Colonist's Library: This page has lots of pre-revolutionary works, but probably more works leading up to and after the revolution.

        II. America From the Revolution and After:

1. Thomas Paine's Common Sense: Paine was one of the major motivator's of the Revolution.

2. Collection of Historical Works from the Library of Congress: This site contains a huge collection of historical works.

3. The Making of America by the University of Michigan's Library: This site also contains a very large collection of important books.

4. Liberty Library of Constitutional Classics: Patriot Jon Roland has worked tirelessly to compile this enormous collection of important documents and books. You can get lost here.

5. The Avalon Project: Yale Law School has engaged in an effort to collect and post numerous works regarding the founding of this country.