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Welcome to Our High School Page!

Revised: January 16, 2020

Congratulations to Hoover High School and T. R. Miller High School, our 2019 high school champions!

ASCA sponsors the Alabama Scholastic Challenge for Alabama high schools in which scholars bowl teams comprised of 9th through 12th graders compete for our state championship.  The Junior Varsity District Tournaments will be held on January 16th at the University of Alabama-Gadsden Center and on January 17th at Enterprise State Community College and Wallace State Community College in Hanceville.   The Junior Varsity State Tournament will be held on March 6th at Wallace State Community College in Hanceville.  The 2020 High School Varsity Division I and II District competitions will be held on February 14th at area community colleges, and the Division I and II State Tournaments will be held on April 17th at Jefferson State Community College.

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